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Is It Worth Buying A Home In Chembur?

March 24, 2020 | Silky Malhotra

Is It Worth Buying A Home In Chembur?

Chembur is one of the older suburbs of Mumbai. Offering a well-developed infrastructure and great commercial prospects, the locality has grown into one of the most coveted residential destinations in the city. Homes in Chembur are also great for investment purposes. As the region lies close and well-connected to the employment hubs in Mumbai, many who migrate to this city for the jobs Look for rental homes in Chembur to stay. Thus, you can easily find tenants for the property who would pay an alluring amount of rent.

Mumbai is known for an energetic lifestyle, with plenty of recreational venues. Living in Chembur, you can easily access many of them, such as multiplexes, shopping malls, theme parks, restaurants, etc. Necessary social amenities such as schools, hospitals and banks are available in plenty. In fact, Mumbai is home to some of India’s best hospitals. Thus, Chembur offers everything needed by a region to become a residential hub. The connectivity features deserve special mention. A well-planned network of roads, railway and reliable public transport ensures seamless movement across the cities. The international airport is a prime attraction for those who need to travel often.

The commercial and business prospects in Mumbai have led to the development of the commercial sector, earning the city the name ‘financial capital of India’. A variety of businesses would thrive well in this city as it provides a good market for different goods. Numerous leading companies from various sectors have set up in Mumbai, offering lucrative employment opportunities. This has led to an increase in demand for property in the area. So book your home now.

Piramal Vyan

A part of a large residential project named Piramal Vaikunth, Piramal Vyan offers luxurious 2 BHK apartments for sale. The prices of these homes start from INR 95.12 lakhs and offer lavish living spaces with plenty of floor area. The prime attraction for homebuyers is the extensive open spaces covered in lush greenery. Apart from the landscaped green zone inside the estate, beautiful hills, lakes and 2 botanical gardens in the vicinity offer beautiful views. A number of amenities such as indoor yoga, gym, swimming pool and various sports will keep you refreshed and agile. You wouldn’t regret buying a home here.

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